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This is a treatment that involves both using Shamanic techniques while also channelling Reiki to the client. It can be used for the same causes of illness and Dis-ease as shamnic techniques.

Shamanic Reiki healing involves the client - who is guided through different exercises and visualisations- in order to aid their own healing and for them to get their own answers to the spiritual or life questions that they seek.

In my role as practitioner- i will call on my knowledge of these techniques and will meditate to ask my guide which technique is needed for every healing session.

With all shamanic work , each session will be different and tailored to the clients needs at that time.

This type of healing aims to aid the physical symptoms as well as to find and heal the root cause of the illness- whether the illness is in with physical , emotional or mental levels of a person.

These sessions can also be used to help a client find life answers to which they seek, or help to find them to find which direction they to go in to move forward in their lives if they feel stuck.

Treatments last up to about 90 mins and can be with me in person or are just as powerful at a distance.

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