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Angelic Reiki shares the characteristics of traditional Reiki in as much as it is a hands-on practice with the option of self-healing and distance treatments. Although it uses symbols common to other Reiki systems, the healing power of the Angelic Vibration sets it apart. This Divine Vibration attunes both the healer and client to their Soul energy, raising consciousness and re-awakening an awareness of what it is to be a divine being, whole and healthy and living in joy -Founder Kevin Core.

Angelic Reiki differs to Usui reiki in that the practitioner connects to and channels energy from the angelic realms.

This is a very high frequency energy which leaves the client feeling light and relaxed and in alignment.

The practitioner channels the energy of angels, ascended masters and galactic healers.

During the healing many light frequency energies will merge with the healer who will channel this beautiful and powerful energy into the various energies bodies of the client.


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