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Sacred Ceremony


Ceremony is a way by which we create and step into a sacred space: a technique by which we, "stop the world" (leo Rutherford.) A way in which we step out of time.

There are many, many ways in which to do this. It is a way in which we can connect back to "the Source", a way of connect back to our own spiritual energy, a way through which we develop

Developing and Exploring your own Personal Spiritual Practices.

I encourage people to develop their own personal spiritual practices.

This would include me talking with you about your own personal beliefs and ways in which you already carry out your own ceremonies or ways of connecting with your higher self, and going inwards to "listen."

I would also introduce the methods of smudging and cleansing and how to set up a safe sacred space.

We would also journey together into the spiritual realms to see what messages we both receive to guide and help you to move forwards with your path and practices.


Fire Ceremony

this could be done one to one, or in a group.

Calling on the spirit of Fire to help you to release old patterns of behaviors, thoughts, actions and even releasing addictions is a very old practice. This is a most powerful ceremony where we would work together to make offering for the fire spirits, would talk about what you wish to let go of, and what you intend to bring into this enery space instead.

Cutting Ceremony

The Cutting Ceremony identifies and severs any attachments or energy cords between you and another being, whether in a physical body or in the spirit world, or between you and an addiction or old way of behaving or being. The client will need to be 100 percent wanting to cut this attachment/addiction to make this ceremony efficient.

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