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We are made of energy as well as matter, and so from time to time we may become out of balance, or need and energy boost. Have a sound Healing is a fantastic way of balancing and calming he energy system.

Sound travels in waves. The human body finds it very easy to absorb sound and to feel the sound vibrations. The idea of sound healing is that each person and each part of their body resonates at different frequencies...when parts of the body get out of alignment of these frequencies, sound healing helps to harmonise and to become energised and balanced again. This in turn helps the person to feel full of energy, calm, and helps boost the immune system, clear the mind and sooth the emotions.


During this 60 mins sound healing I use various instruments including drums, hang drum, rattles, voice, Tibetan symbols , singing bowls, sistrum, bells and flute.


For a sound healing session, or sound bath, the client lies on the therpy couch and i place blankets on them, then talk them through a relaxation and breathing exercise...I then carry out the sound therapy, and then slowly ground the client back after.

investment...£40 per session

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