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SEKHEM HEKA- A system of natural healing and self development

I am a member of the Iseum and an accredited Sekhem Heka teacher, having trained in person with the founder of this system

Meaning and History

In Ancient Egypt, Sekhem literally meant ‘power’ or ‘might’.

 The term applied to gods and goddesses and was often part of the titles of pharaohs and queens. The Sekhem sceptre carried by rulers and important officials was a physical representation of their earthly power.

In recent years, the word sekhem has been reinterpreted to mean the energy of a healing system named after it, but that meaning is of modern not ancient origin. Sekhem, in its modern sense, is a form of healing that derives from a system called Seichim, which itself is partly a derivative of Reiki.

Originally, the word Heka meant ‘magic’ or ‘magical power’, and it was also the name of a god who presided over magic.

This system of healing and self-development derives from the founders experience in the healing systems Reiki and Seichim and also in magical practices inspired by Ancient Egypt.

Sekhem Heka is a system that includes energy healing as well as exercises and visualisations to carry out, focusing upon the energy centres of the body and associated Egyptian god forms.

This system was founded by Storm Constantine , who has mixed Reiki , Sekhem and Seichim systems and incorporated alot of Egyptian Symbolism into it.


It consists of seven degrees, each with its own rituals and meditations. Each degree focuses upon a particular Egyptian god or goddess and one of the seven energy centres of the body.

This is more then just receiving an attunement, manual and a certificate.Students are expected to complete the exercises and record their development in a journal and email or post me reports of their Sekhem journey.

It is ideal for those wishing to work upon self-development and self-knowledge

The Sekhem Heka system of natural healing and self development which can be studied by attending workshops or be taught as a home study correspondence course.

This system will further you in your self and spiritual development , and also aid your healing skills.

As you progress through this system you will experience deep healing and insight in cycles of behaviour and thought patterns ,which will be unblocked by the Sekhem energies.


About the course

The course consists of 7 degrees- each level corresponding to a different chakra.

-only students who are already Reiki and or Seichim Masters can undergo level 7-the master and teacher level of Sekhem Heka-

please note- if you harent yet trained in Reiki or seichim i offer a discount for training of both the reiki and sekhem side by side

Sekhem heka consists of 7 levels or degrees;

Ha-a: the first degree- corresponds to base chakra, or sen-t, the goddess Sekhem and Heka

Sen-nu: the second degree-helps to heal the sacral chakra or Khept-ti,and works with Isis

Khemt-tu: the third degree- aids healing the solar plexus or Hati, and uses the energies of Ra

Ftu-Nu: the fourth degree- aids healing to the heart chakra orAb and is aided by Bast

Tu Nut: the fifth degree- works with the throat chakra or Ashah-t and is aided by the energies of Maat


Sas Nu: the sixth degree- works with the Brow chakra or Aar-t and is aided by Wadjet

Sefekh Nu: the seventh degree- aids clensing and healing to the crown chakra or Qem-hu plus all the other chakras and is aided by Nuit.

Each degree has a different energy with which we work- all corresponding to different Egyptian gods and goddess. Students will be guided with the aid of meditations and visualisations to contact these energies and work with them. and with Heka himself.

Also students will learn to use a variety of hand positions or Aui , which help deepen their meditative state and bring them closer to the energies.

The Bas

This system of healing and self-development derives from the founders experience in the healing systems Reiki and Seichim and also in magical practices inspired by Ancient Egypt.

Storm has researched both Egyptian mythology and language and has incorporated that knowledge into this system.


A student may wish to study each degree in person with me- this will include more then is covered through home study as i am able to read out the exercises and guide you through them . I also include more energy exercises . Another advantage is that you may practice using this healing energy on me or other students.- workshops cost £75 and are 5 hours long with a lunch included.

The cost for the Seventh degree-Sefekh Nu -for full day is £200



This course will involve me emailing or posting course notes, which will be read through and feedback given. When a degree is completed i will send an attuenment.The student will then be expected to work with the energy and practice healing on themselves and others. On completion, a certificate will be sent for the level.

i offer support before , during and after for each degree.

Degrees 1-6 will be £25 each and the seventh degree is £100 .

Please feel free to contact me by email or phone for further details or with any questions about this course.

To purchase a module you can pay for it using paypal or contact me for a different way to pay

Please email to say if you d like the course notes sent through post or by email.

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pay per degree from 1-6       

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Complete course £225

Please note that level 7 is a different price as it is master teacher level - please contact me if you wish to study at this level and i will email you further details


Please contact me if you would like arrange a workshop .This can by done as a one-to-one or in a group.

It will benefit you to purchase and read Storm Constentines book of Sekhem Heka.You may purchase this off me at a discounted price or through through Storms own publishing company immanion-press


please click on logo to see sekhem heka book and for order details.

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