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Sacred Cacao Ceremony


Sacred Cacao Ceremony

In this ceremony the participant will drink a beautiful Cacao elixir. Cacao is an ancient and wonderful plant medicine which surrounds the heart and helps the participant to let go and surrender to its blissful and energising medicine.

It isnt ike other plant spirit medicines which push a participan, it is more of an invitatation to open and heal.

This ceremony will then continue into a Shamanic Healing Ceremony, a Trance Dance Ceremony, or an Inner Dance Ceremony.


The difference between cacao and other Amazonia plant spirits is that cacao opens the door to the spirit world, which is both inwards into your own deep innerworld consciousness This medicine is not invites you to step through and start to open yourself up and so to start your personal connection and relatioship with this sacred plant and with yourself.

This medicine is an invitation/opportunity into the other world, an invitation to your own inner world and healing, but is gentle and nurturing. It is very empowering. very gentle.

The Cacao gently encourages you into your own healing proces and empowerment.

The Cacao is mixed with hot spices which helps to increase the cacao medicine effects. They work in harmony to create a loving and nurturing experience.

Cacao is a helps remind us of the is a heart opener, it unifies the group, the planet, yourself. This beautiful medicine helps to clear out traumas , hurt , anger, and bring in the vibrations of forgiveness, compassion, self love and unconditional love.

This medicine also works on a hysical level, as the spice opens up the veins and helps you to receive the chocolate....and so you will actually feel the heart stimulated

Cacao is considered earth medicine; a medicine of the gods.

This plant spirit is an amazing gift from nature.because the brain is being fed so much more increases focus, meditation, sharpening your senses. It increases your skin sensations and so is helpful to stimulate the senses and help with healing of closness and touch.

s from leicestershire;

"saw what i am - light being - ;)

heard my issue is belief

me - teacher

teach what - live

saw - divine beings etc

and i am connected to ALL"

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