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CARD READINGS via email or facebook


I am now offering card readings through email or via facebook

You may have a particular question that has arisen within your life that you are finding hard to answer, or know which direction to turn may want to change an aspect of your life but not be sure how to....

I will ask the cards and my guides any questions that you'd like help with and give you the messages I receive to empower you to move forward in your life.

I use the fairy oracle, the animal medicine cards and the sacred path cards to receive guidance from the realms of spirit on your behalf.

i CANNOT predict the future....but am given the answers that will be the most likely outcome if you continue on your present life path.

my charges are £25 per reading

Please contact me by email or by phone to arrange a time and date for your reading.

Spiritual Reading

This is for those who would like a to address the issue a little involves a consultation/ counseling session , and then a healing session where i journey to gain more information for you and to carry out a short healing so as to remove any blockages, negative energy, distruptive cords or past life work that is preventing you from reaching your desired outcome.

investment £65

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