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Keeping your living space free of negative or unwanted energies is essential for you and your families well being.

House cleansing can be carried out in a house that you have lived in for years, or for those trying to sell a house or when moving into a new house.

Over time a living space can become full of unwanted energies and can produce a feeling of agitation, unease , or result in changes of peoples personalities.

Our living space acts like a sponge that absorbs the emotions of the peoples that occupy it- over time that space can become uncomfortable to live in and so need an energetic cleansing to return it to a more peaceful atmosphere .

Buildings can also contain unwanted energies or spirits that have become lost or have fragmented and so need guidance to find a safe place for them to move onto.

What happens during a cleansing/blessings?

When carrying out a house cleansing, I use various tools and herbs.

I meditate and contact the genuis loci of the land on which the house/workspace is built. This is the spirit or energy of the place . I give offerings for its help and to give thanks for the house being built there.

I ask for its help in how I can achieve a better atmosphere and increase the wellbeing and prosperity for its residents .

The tools I use include candles, shells, herbs, drums, rattles, crystals.

I may have to make some herb pouches, leave crystals or shells in a pattern around or in the house or in each room. Or may have to burn aromatherapy oils or herbs such as white sage or lavender or help clear heavy or unhelpful energies or trapped energy to leave the house feeling lighter and more peaceful.

Geopathic stress

Sometimes a space may not feel very nice to live in or can even make us have symptoms such as headaches due to geopathic stress . Geopathic stress can contribute to ill health including insomnia, raised blood pressure , stomach ulcers , headaches and tiredness.

Geopathic stress can be caused by a variety of factors, electrical items , such as microwaves , computers screens, t.vs, electrical sockets and cables. Also it can be caused by water tables under the property or certain energies the earth is giving off.

If you think your living space needs clearing or you are trying to sell a property and would like it to have an inviting atmosphere or are moving into a new space and would like old energies clearing away contact me and let me help

House cleansing prices are £80 plus petrol

I can also carry out house cleansing at a distance and can then make any herb or supply any crystals needed and can advise you in what you can do do improve your houses atmosphere.

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