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Sekhem Energy Healing

With it's origins in Lemurian and Atlantean times the healing energy system of Sekhem is that taught and practiced by initiates in Ancient Egypt. Many references to this remain in the ancient papyri of Egypt and on the walls of Temples and Pyramids. For example at the Temple of Edfu the inner sanctuary is surrounded by ten side rooms used by the priests of Horus who were renowned to be great healers, magicians and sages.


Called Numen by the Greeks, the Egyptians called it Sekhem "The powers of the universe...of the divine". Literally Sekhem is translated as Power or Might. In the Eastern tradition Sekhem is visualized as the fiery serpent coiled at the base of the spine "The Kundalini". This serpent or snake power is the power of creation and regeneration. In Egypt this was represented as the Uraeus, the reared serpent emerging from the third eye of the Pharaoh. Fire is it's operative element and this is the fire that creates, consumes and transforms in it's process of enlightenment and healing.

Sekhem is the spirit, the divine energy of the soul. The Sekhem energy is unique to each soul, and is thus the foundation of unique identity.

Sekhem is an energy that works on all levels simultaneously; physical, mental, emotional and subtle spiritual bodies . Sekhem cuts through the obstacles of our personal development with ultimate ease, avoiding the trauma and pain of heart wrenching traumas. There is a vast difference in the strength and power of Sekhem, leading to a 'wholeness' .

The healing energies of Sekhem are the perfect aid to maintain a balance within ourselves in our daily lives, enabling us to clear our emotions, become centered and experience the pleasure of inner health and wellness. Whether experiencing the energy or learning to use it, this is the energy of true beauty that will transform your life

Sekhem uses 3D symbols which are linked to the science of the pyramids. This energy is fundamentally Unconditional Love in its pure form. The symbols include access to inter-dimensional portals.

In healing sessions the practitioner will places their hands on or near to the body and passes the Sekhem Energy to the recipient.  

Some of the benefits of a Sekhem Treatment:

-Helps Assist us in manifesting our goals and healing our bodies

-Increase in our psychic powers and abilities to see energy

-Increase our feeling of aliveness by bringing us more fully into the present.

-Increase awareness of who we are and about our relationships.

-Accelerates all healing and spiritual development and enlightenment

What Happens During A Treatment?

Treatments are given fully clothed and can be done either lying down or seated.

After the consultation, the client and myself will agree on a specific purpose and outcome for each treatment.


I start at the clients head and channel energy into the client.I will walk down the right side of the couch to the feet , then up the left side back to the head.I may do this several times.

Sometimes the practitioner's hands will be in contact with the body, sometimes they will be just above it. We work up to the head, directing the energy all the major areas of the body and any specially highlighted areas. At times we will draw appropriate symbols over an area to help focus or magnify the energy. We will then return to the feet to ground the energy before finishing.

Price- £45

For more information please click on the 'Contact me' button and complete the e-form, or contact me direct by telephone. Thanks for your interest in Sekhem.

Sa Sekhem Sahu!

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