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For business websites creation ,business promotion through film and adverts, film making, script writing- contact Rhys Davies at

For those living in Northampton area fantastic herbalist John weeks-

"John Weeks works from in Rushden, Northants. He works with Herbal medicine, Reiki, EFT and Stress management. These therapies can be used individually or collectively to help address your health or life issues."

For clan mothers circle and other sacred ceremonies of the beauty way contact Michelle Speaking Hawk lives locally

Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge

White Star Woman is a healer and teacher of the Beauty Way. Robin White Star lives and works in North Carolina, USA. I have been working and training with White Star since 2001. Robin visits the UK conducting Ceremony, Circles and Individual Sessions. Her next scheduled visit is July/August 2016.

You can find out more about Robin White Star at

Charnwood Grove Druids

We are a group of pagans from various traditions and backgrounds who meet together to celebrate the Pagan seasonal festivals, and develop our spiritual path together in community. Our focus is celebratory, and our rites, while encompassing many different approaches to spiritual expression, are conducted within the Druidic tradition. We seek inspiration from nature, and wisdom in the ever changing cycle of the seasons.

For further information please see

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