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These are all attunements you can receive from me either in person or at a distance.

You may receive these attunements from me either at a pre-arranged time and date

or i can set up a chi-ball for you so that you may receive the the attunement when you feel ready.

The price you pay will include the attunement, manual and an emailed certificate.

If you want to receive a mailed hand signed certificate , I charge £1.50 for postage and printing.


Fairy lightworker program


Founder: Linda Colibert .

Fairies are magickal beings that are multidimensional. They can move in and through the physical realm. We live in the 3 dimension, the physical realm. But in reality, everything we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell are only illusions—these perceptions are how we communicate the information we receive in the physical realm to our true spiritual selves. We are energy. Everything is energy and nothing is truly solid. The Fairies know this, and are able to merge with the things that appear to be solid in the physical realm. Their energies are lighter and their knowledge of quantum physics, allows them to move in and out of different dimensions, which all co-exist at the same time in the same space. You do not have to know or understand quantum physics to know that Fairies do exist, and that we rarely ever see them with our physical eyes. We sense them, feel their presence, and very often can communicate with them psychically through telepathy or visions. The Fairy LightWorker Program will connect you to all Fairies, if you wish to call on them for assistance. However, this Reiki System strengthens and connects you to specific Fairies and their so that you will be able to call on them easily for assistance with healing, abundance, magick, guidance, protection, fertility, transformation, transition, strength, love, happiness, and beauty. Please keep in mind that you do not have to receive any attunement to work with Fairies, but the Fairy LightWorker Program does speed your ascension for working in the Otherworld of the Fairies, and strengthens and enhances your abilities to connect and work with the Fairies and their energies.You will learn about the Following Fairies, and ways to work with them, and which Fairies to call on for assistance with specific areas of need:GreenmanDryadWoodland NymphGnomesSylphStar FairyStone FairyPixieIce FairyWater SpriteRiver Queen—CoventinaThere are 11 attunements for the Fairy LightWorker Program, one for each of the above mentioned Fairies.

Please keep in mind that you do not have to receive any attunement to work with Fairies, but the Fairy LightWorker Program does speed your ascension for working in the Otherworld of the Fairies, and strengthens and enhances your abilities to connect and work with the Fairies and their energies


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Founders: Demetruis and Andrae "Chisara" Baginski

Channels are opened to the Fairy World. Through this special attunement there are activations of the third eye, the heart chakras and the root chakras. Naturally the attunement works on all Chakras, trying to manufacture equilibrium between them, but special attention lies on the three Chakras specified above.

The Symbols work as gate keys to the various Fairy functions.

All Fairy kinds are in different age groups and experience stages. Although each kind has certain registration numbers, one cannot always recognize the individual Fairy by its appearance alone. You need a certain experience and much intuition to distinguish them. Thus, calmly listen to your intuition about what the Fairies have told you.

Most frequently very young Fairies come into contact with humans and they have not yet had many negative experiences. Accordingly, one can communicate with them more easily.

You will learn about a variety of Fairy Species, these are:

~ Nature Fairies ~

~ Metal Fairies ~

~ Air Fairies ~

~ Water Fairies ~

~ PSI Fairies ~

~ Light Fairies ~

~ Stone fairies ~

~ Chaos Fairies ~

~ Energy Fairies ~

~ Fire Fairies ~

~ Darkness Fairies ~

~ Ice Fairies ~

An attunement alone will not create contact with the Fairies, but gives you a closer relationship to them.

An attunement, however, can facilitate the introduction to them for you.

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Elven Shamanic Healing system

A magical energy healing modality brought to us by the detailed channelling of Violet Paille.

The course manual gives the history of the Elves and information about their gods and goddesses. It also details how to work with various herbs and plants in order to effect healing and harness their magical properties for all purposes. Through these attunements, the energy of these herbs and plants is harnessed on and etheric level and they can therefore be worked with, without the physical plant being present.

A wonderful system - with powerful symbols and techniques - and powerful allies in the Elven kingdom too.

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level 1 (Initiate level) will explain the basics of what it means to practice Shamanism in your everyday life. The attunment to level 1 will connect you to the energies of our great Mother Earth and to the energies of the universal consciousness in a way that will help you grow and learn to expand your horizons. You will also learn how to travel on a spirit journey, looking within to discover who you truly are, and what your path may be, rites of passage, Magickal names

level 2 (Intermediate level) strengthens your connection to our great Mother Earth and to the energies of the universal consciousness which offers a shield of protection to help you in identifying and clearing away any negativity and unwanted energies from your whole being. In doing this it can and will bring a very deep healing and a sense of peace within. You will also learn about attachments, soul retrieval, reclaiming your power

level 3 (Master level) not only allows you to pass the shamaic lightworker program attunments on to others, but will also continue to strengthen your bond with Mother Earth and with the universal energies (The great spirit). This attunement will also aid in the opening of your third eye-- 6 chakra, and crown—7 chakra, so that any psychic abilities that you may have will be enhanced through your connecting to your higher and psychic self. There is also a strengthening of the 2 chakra – The Sacral Chakra which is the seat of all physical instincts. You will also learn about meditation, healing, herbs and the herbal kingdom, stones, visions, imprinting, enhancing intuition and your instincts, Nature magick, living in harmony.

N.B this course will not make you a shaman , but it will advance your earth-based connection and connection with spirit.

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Attuements also available- complete with manuals, attuenements, support,and certificates


Egyptian Cartouche

Ancient Egyptian Healing Modalities

Ocean Friends Reiki


Eye of Horus Activation

Angel Reiki

Dolphin Trilogy Reiki

Crystal Deva

Dolphin Sekhem Seichim Reiki

Seichim I, II and III

Nature Devas and Faries

Dragon Reiki

Crystal Deva Empowerments

Seven Faceted Seichim

Isis Seichim

Unicorn Energy Healing

Elven Shaman Reiki

Sacred Moon reiki

Sakkara Fire Reiki

Dolphins of Atlantis

Celtic Reiki

Please email me for prices and to arrange a date and time for your attuenement

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