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Spiritual Counselling

What is Spiritual counselling?

Spiritual counselling differs from most types of counselling in that the Shaman/counsellor acts on behalf of the client and goes inward to seek help and guidance for the client.

This involves being in dialogue with the clients inner being and their spirit guides and helpers and angels.

Shamanic counselling enables us to find the source of – and solution to – the challenges, choices, dilemmas and difficulties which we all face from time to time.

Having this type of counselling brings us personal empowerment, wisdom and healing. This may involve the client receiving some healing, journeying the client inwards to seek their own answers or for me to seek the answers and messages for the client.

The shamanic journey also enhances our relationship with our spirits and can help us along our path in this life.


The Spiritual counsellor works by first teaching the client to undertake a shamanic journey so that they can meet their own spirit teachers and helpers. By journeying, the client can seek help, healing or advice directly from the spirits. This can include personal healing, help with life changes, decision making and problem solving, work on bereavement, relationships, depression, emotional issues, spiritual development and much more.

The shamans/counsellor’s job is first to help the client to focus on and formulate the question for the journey. The client speaks the journey out loud, so that it can be discussed afterwards with the counsellor. The counsellor does not interpret the journey, but uses knowledge and experience of the shamanic process to ask careful questions which allow the client to understand what has been experienced in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Duration- 1-2 hours

price £65

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