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Let Me Help You To Live Shamanically

If you feel you are being drawn to shamanism...or are starting to awaken spiritually ...or are interested to explore yourself more in depth , I offer one to one or group training and development workshops.

Together we can develop a workshop and in which to cover the areas you d like to learn and experience more about.

For me the fundamentals of living Shamanically is to develop and evolve , to empower and remove blocks and release old traumas . It is a path of self discover and self initiation.

This could be basic journeying techniques,the medicine wheel, meeting your guides , working with tree and nature allies.

Or any of the list of

-history of shamanism

-what is energy medicine and developing your own shamans vision with which to see the energy bodies and the areas of unbalanced energy that needs correcting

-learning how to journey to the three spirit realms

-finding your spirit helpers, allies and guardians and how to use their help and guidance for healing and within our life.

-making sacred tools-a drum, rattle, medicine bag

-developing your relationship with your spirit helpers

-learning about the stone people and ways of working shamanically with them

-learning how to contact the spirit of the land, of trees and plant spirit shamanism.

-learning soul retrieval

-learning extraction

cord cutting technique-

house cleansing

Energy healing

-energy balancing

-psychopomp work- working with the spirits of the deceased

-Celtic shamanism

-shamanic core techniques

-what is the medicine wheel and where are you on it

-working with the elements


It doesn't matter where in the world you live..we can use Skype or FaceTime to carry out a workshop or you can travel and meet with me in person

This will be an on going training and will take as long as you would like to work on yourself, and on your study. When i feel you can offer healing and shamanic work to others, i will give a certificate . Not everyone can become a shaman, as everyone has different abilities, skills and medicine which they can share with their community, everyone however can spiritually awaken, and self develop and heal.

I charge £150 per session

Spirit Vision Medicine Course- A distance /home study course


This is a course designed for those who want to heal and develop themselves and to be able to help others through the use of shamanic techniques. It is a course of self healing and self discovery. It both expands your mind and challenges your beliefs about the world as you see it.Through studying this course you will learn to face fears and go beyond them.

This course can be emailed or sent via post to you. It is studied in modules. Each module needs to be completed before the next will be given out. Shamanism is all about self discovery and healing of self. It differs from other therapies in that the shaman is aided and works with helpers from the spirit realms. This course includes

-a brief history of shamanism

-learning how to journey to the spirit realms

-meeting and working with spirit allies, including power animals, nature allies, stone and crystal spirits.

-self healing through visualization and dance.

-making sacred tools and learning how to use them

-discovering and developing relationships with genius loci , (land spirits)

-Setting up and working with alters

-plant spirit shamanism and herbology

-different altered states

-hypnosis techniques

-working with feathers

-working with crystals

-shamanic counseling

-shamanic core methods

-making a healing medicine pouch

-developing and understanding energy medicine

-creating a ceremony

-soul retrieval and how to carry it out.

-extraction and intrusion methods

-carry out and receive a shamanic healing-both in person and distance.

-distance healing

-how to carry out shamanic healing- to include case studies

This course is for those who are interested in studying shamanism either for self discovery or as a certificated course for those who wish to become a shamanic practitioner.

If you do not want to receive a certificate and become a practitioner you will not have to pay for a healing (£120) or sit an exam.

on completion of each module a student will be expected to submit experiences and homework

on completion of this course a student will sit an exam and submit case studies work.

a certificate of completion will be awarded and the student will be able to get insurance to practice.

price of full home study course is £450.

this can be payed in full or may also be purchased as £30 per module plus the £120 of two healings , so as to make it more affordable.

There are no expected completion dates, it can be done as your time permits.

I offer full support both during and after course.

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Full course £450

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£30 for one module

if you are interested and want further details please contact me-

New New New

Tree Spirit and Plant spirit course-

this course shows how to work with tree and other plant spirits. It includes journey work, meditation, how to prepare flower , plant and tree essences, and how to use plant spirits to aid us in our healing, on both a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Introduction to Shamanic techniques-

includes learning about the history of shamanism,

introduction to the shamans cosmos and learning to journey into them

journeying to the upper and lower worlds

finding some of your spirit guides and working with them

If you are interested in this course contact me for further details

Meeting your Power Animal

This will be an introduction in to the cosmos of the shaman.

You will find and explore ways of changing your consciousness so as to step into the world of spirit.

Through guided visualisation also known as journeying or dreaming ,I will guide you to meet your animal power and you ll find out how it can help you in your everyday life.

12 months of travelling around the medicine wheel

This course will involve meeting once a month.Through the 12 months we will explore the working of the medicine wheel..unfold its out spirit keepers of each direction and receive healing and guidance into our lives. We will discover where we sit on it each month..and what challenges face us as we travel round its spokes.

Shamanic Reiki / shamanic Sekhem TRAINING

This is open to those who already channel healing energy and those who would like to have training in either reiki or sekhem. Those who will be receiving tuition in reiki or sekhem will have a differently structured course to those who are reiki trained.

You will learn shamanic healing techniques to add to your Reiki healing knowledge. Techniques will include learning how to journey to the spirit realms to bring back answers for you and your client, meeting your spirit guides, learning how to heal past trauma by helping to send energy back to a time when the soul fragmented , learning techniques of extraction and detecting intrusive energies, chakra balancing and subtle body alignment and power retrieval techniques. plus setting up a simple medicine circle and putting the client in a healing matrix.

This course does include homework in between the modules for the student to practise and become more proficient in the techniques, which also develops the students intuition and personal connection with spirit.

Module one combines Reiki I with an introduction to shamanic techniques.

For those learning Reiki it will include an attunement to the Reiki healing energy. The Reiki training will have its own separate manual- handwritten by myself. This covers a history of the Reiki energy, will question what Reiki is, includes techniques of feeling energy, self protection techniques, client and self healing hand positions. A student will also be taken on a journey to meet with the Reiki energy and receive guidance from the energy itself.

The shamanic techniques will include learning about the history of shamanism, ask what a shaman is, introduce the student to the shamans’ cosmos, introduce the three causes of illness, introduce shamanic journeying, include a power retrieval and introduce the student to their spirit ally. Also a student will gain their power song from their spirit ally. Also how to set up a simple medicine wheel and learn about sacred herbs in healing........Investment for this module is £150

Module II

A student will recieve training and an attunement to Reiki II. In this level a student will learn 3 of the Reiki healing symbols, what they are for, how to use them and will journey to the symbols to ask for guidance. The student will give and receive a Reiki healing. In this level a student will learn how to give a Reiki distance healing and be introduced to the idea of distance healing.

Shamanic techniques for this level will include learning how to use the drum and rattle for healing, and how to a guide a client on a power retrieval, both remotely and in person. A student will learn further about the energy system and learn how to set up an energy matrix on a client, learn how to cut energy cords.......investment for this module is £200

Module III

In this module a student will;

-re-access their Reiki and shamanic skills learnt so far

-learn about intrusive energies, what they are and what they have to teach us.

-learn different extractions techniques for removing intrusive energies

-learn how to cut energy cords

-learn how to incorporate crystal healing techniques

-learn how to carry out a distance healing

This module is an investment of £200

Module IIII

-Receive Reiki attunement to master/teacher level

-learn more shamanic healing techniques

-learn about soul retrieval and soul fragmentation.

-learn about past life agreements and contracts....investment for this module is £350

The course will be set out over a number of months, and for those learning Reiki there will be at least a six month gap between the Reiki I and master level attunement.

To complete the course a student will have to attend all modules to receive the completion certificate.

Each module includes

shamanic reiki course notes and a reiki manual- will include lunch and a certificate of attendance

you can pay for this course in a single payment and get £100 off!- so pay only £800

Shamanic Reiki Distance Training

The above course is also available as a distance learning course- with same course notes and same syllabus.

what cant be the same is the live drumming and journey work that i do in class- instead I include two journeying cds- they have two tracks each- one track that has 20 mins drumming for when you are more experienced and the other has me guiding you through a journey- one cd is to the lower world and one is to the upper world.

I also offer skype video calls so that students have a connection with me and i can drum and guide them through a journey live and can visually show the student Shamanic Reiki healing techniques....

please contact me for more details.

please contact me for more details or to book a place

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