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Four Different ways for me to work with you-

In Person

This is where you would come and see me in my healing practice in Leicester. This has the advantage that you come to a nut rail space in which to relax and receive your healing outside the stressful places that may be contributing to your problems. Here you will give yourself 100 percent time away from your ordinary reality and can fully give yourself to the healing without any distractions. You also get the advantage of the sensory smells and sounds of the healing.

Skype counselling-

This is where we would prearrange a time and date , In which I would help with a spiritual counselling or a reading or a teaching session.

For this I would require your Skype name and be a friend on Skype. We could carry this out using a webcam so we could see each other or using just the voice option or the typing option....which ever option suites you the best.

This option is very helpful for those who don't live near enough to visit..I fact anywhere in the world.

This also enables me to carry out healing and guidance for people who re house bound .

Email counselling

This method is where we can have email communication and you can ask for guidance ,a reading, healing to be sent or a teaching session all via email.

This method has the advantage of you staying in your familiar surroundings and then being able to have a record of the reading which you can print out and keep and refer to.


This is where we communicate via facebook messenger , so can chat in real time. I can carry out a healing report, a spiritual counselling or a guidance session , or a reading which would include photos. again an advantage is that you can chat to me for free from anywhere in the wold and recieve help , healing and guidance.

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