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What is distance healing?

Distance Healing is where a practitioner performs a Healing Session on a client as if they were in the same room- but instead the client is in their own home/hospital/work-which can be anywhere in the world.

Healing can be sent through space and be received as if in the same room

I can help with your condition or if you need an energy balance or need help with making a life change or a decision- or with pain relief-

Also to healing can be sent if studying , for pre and post operative healing and to those in transition, such as giving birth, or those close to death.

i also work carry out psychopomp work- so can help those who have suffered a bereavement to help them through their transitional and painful change. Also i can help those souls cross over and find the way they wish to go with out becoming lost or stuck.(this applies to people or animals)

How to book and receive a distance Healing

If you would like some distance healing for yourself or someone you know please email me with your name or their name and location so I can send it to you.

Please email or phone or text me details of why you need a healing and what you d like to concentrate on during the healing.

We will also set up the time and date me to send the healing.

Please note

When receiving the treatment, please turn off the phone, lie or sit in a relaxing , quite place,and cover yourself with a covering, perhaps burn a candle or some incense and perhaps put on some relaxing music. Open your mind and intend to receive the healing from me-Teresa Lewis-then gently close your eyes- enjoy....



I charge £25 for a distant energy healing:

Reiki Healing

Celtic Reiki

Sechim Healing

Sekhem healing

Etheric crystals 

Distance Energy Healing Treatment

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Shamanic distance Healing £45

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Pet or Animal distance Healing

If you want a Distance Healing session for an Animal or Pet Healing you may make a donation of your choice for this service.Please email you animal or pets name , the type of animal they are and location.

Animals tend to ask for a different energy to people , so there isnt a choice for this Healing Energy.

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