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An Ancient Shamanic Philipino

Healing Technique

''In total silence, it’s that river that flows from the cosmos and into your heart. It was dancing from the higher self, and I was simply watching it move to the flow of the universe.''
- Pi Villaraza, founder of Inner Dance


Inner Dance is an Ancient Trance Healing Technique Rediscovered by Pi Villaraza - Pi rediscovered this process while experiencing a prolonged shift of consciousness which happened spontaneously through fasting on a diet of coconuts and bananas and going within, through meditation, yoga and spontaneous movement.

Inner Dance uses music and sound to take a person deeply into themselves, this combined with the energy that flows through the facilitator , is a powerful process of release, surrender, trust and renewal.

This process is deeply relaxing.

The sound and music is specially selected to help to take the participant/s into a relaxed and meditative state by changing the brainwaves.


Inner Dance is not ‘’dance’’ at referes to a method of going inwards and breaking down blocks and fears. This can be done through movement, sitting, lieing down, there is no right or wrong way to carr out this process.

This process is asissited by an ancient energy that is intenified by sound. This takes us inwards to experience a Sound Healing Journey assisting us to go within and connect deeper with who we are, increasing our perceptions, deepening states of awareness and awakening the innate power to heal from within. We all have the answers to our own questions within us, and Inner Dance helps us to be able to listen and heal ourselves innately.

The facilitator creates a safe and sacred space, and then connects to the energy of Inner Dance and brings it through into the sacred space. Then by using music (corresponding to specific brainwaves), and intuitive touch and body manipulation,percussive sound and smell, you are assisted to drop into a deep space of opening up, in trust and release. The Inner Dance process helps us peel away the layers of our conditioned mental limitations, learnt behaviours and encourages to release and heal old emotions and traumas. It can slowly reveal our deeper core principles and our primary reason for existing on the planet. It helps us to remember who we really are and why we are here. It allows us to speak and live our truth.

if you would like to experience this in a group, the investment is only £20 for a three hour workshop. If individually it will be £45 for two hours.

The Inner Dance is a transformative self-awakening process that organically leads anyone in surrender towards authentic and meaningful existence through intuitive healing, releasework, energy awareness, live foods and ecological lifestyles, which can eventually assist in the planet’s healing and evolution in a time of accelerated global awakening process. Inner Dance is the intuitive remembrance of the true self through heightened inner awareness of bodies, minds and emotions as Energy. Coming to the awareness of this energy brings people to a more strengthened, sustainable and harmonious existence with other beings and the planet itself.

As the Inner Dance process peels away the layers of our conditioned mental limitations, it slowly reveals our deeper core principles and the activation of our Birth Vision – our primary reason for existing on the planet to begin with. It is in this remembrance that the Inner Dance ultimately leads participants to intuitively evolve in response to global shifts and to embrace a more harmonious way of existing on our planet.

In a nutshell, Inner Dance is a transformative shift in consciousness, one that also shifts the physical body. Alongside this shift is the remembrance of our wholeness – Oneness — organically leading us to live in harmony with nature. It leads us to a spiritual life on earth, an existence of simplicity, sacredness, sustainability

What happens during the session

Inner Dance can be carried out in a group, or through individual sessions. The participants start off lying down, under a blanket. The music is started and the facilitator will take the participant/s through breathing and relaxation techniques.

The music will change, and percussion instruments will also be played.

During the session, the facilitator may manipulate, massage or press on the the participants to encourage release and to offer support and reassurance.

What are the chief benefits of Inner Dance and how is it different from other dances?


:In Inner Dance, a person begins by accessing an inner source that when it builds up, creates tremendous energetic movement within the physical and emotional body.

The basic difference of the Inner Dance from dance in general is the source of the movement. Dance is usually something coordinated by the brain which tells the body to move. The Inner Dance is an automatic and spontaneous movement of the self that actually catches the ego and the conscious mind by surprise.

The most common occurrence that exactly differentiates Inner Dance with other movements are crackling sounds and sensations a person finds once they access the Inner altered state of the divine flow: Pi (founder)

Energy Exchange- 45-65 pounds

click on the link below to watch videos about inner dance process.

"Teresa is without doubt one of the most knowledgeable and authentic Shamanic Teachers / Practitioner that

I have had the pleasure to work with & so when I was offered the opportunity to attend an Inner Dance session

hosted by Dawn and herself I knew I would be in 'good hands'.

The environment was very friendly with a relaxed sense of ceremony. The dance itself, I found to be for the most part one

of my inner consciousness. I use visualisation and journeying techniques in my own practice and found that the Inner Dance

facilitated a fresh and rapid method of moving through these states with each piece of music. The intuitive support

& 'holding of space' given by Teresa & Dawn contributed significantly to this work, whether it be the aromas, additional

'live' sounds or use of spiritual energies.

Each person will undoubt ably experience things differently from one another or at different times. For me, at this

occasion, my life situation was one of relief and happiness following 18 months of emotional hardship. This Inner Dance

became one of gratitude and reinforcement of future goals. From time to time I participate in Dance workshops and although

I didn't feel the desire to move vigorously, I did towards the end find myself joyfully rising to my feet and gleefully

Qigong-ing my way through visualised torrents of enlivening Chi - extremely uplifting!

Whether you are looking for an interesting new class to relax with or another method of in depth self healing I fully

recommend both Teresa & Inner Dance. Big thumbs up!!"

"Hi Teresa

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful inner dance session I felt so relaxed and renewed. It was a very positive experience which raised my vibrations and gave me some very good and helpful insights into my life. looking forward to the next one.

warmest regards Mick"

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