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" It should be a sacred day for you when one of your people dies- a sacred day, when a soul is released and returns to its home"

-Black Elk


Psychopomp practitioners have the ability to help people cross over at the time of death, or assist those souls who need additional guidance after the transition. A psychopomp is not generally a medium.

Their main function is not to reconnect the living with the dead, but to help the spirit or soul of an individual cross over to a safe place after death.


A psychopomp is also known as "midwife of the soul"- as in life the shaman can help a persons spirit by aiding them with healing and life direction,also by helping heal from traumatic experiences using soul retrieval; so in death he or she helps the family of the dying person or pet with their transition off loss, but also helps that of the dying member to come to terms with their transition and to also help ready them by giving any healing to the parts of their life they are still struggling to let go of.

Then after they have passed on , to help guide them to the place that is safe for them, so as they don't get lost.

This type of work can be carried out on souls who have not recently died, but may have been lost or died in a traumatic way. The shaman can journey to find the lost soul and help guide them to safety and peace.

If you would like help with this kind of work please contact me.

It is not my place to judge the family , but only to offer compassion and help where i am able.

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