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My name is Teresa Raven Moon .
I am an Empathic and Intuitive Healer, Shamanic Healer and teacher  in Leicester, Leicestershire, in the East Midlands, in the heart of the  U.K.

I have been living shamanically and healing for over 20  years.

 Intuitive healing means acting on my inner messages and guidance that comes to me from the source;from the Divine:from the Creator, being lead by my inner spirit and higher self at all times. 

When I carry out the healing or reading, I become as clear a channel as possible, which some cultures refer to as like a "Hollow Bone."  This is so that healing energy, messages and spirit energy can pass through me to whomever has made a request of me, or to wherever i direct it.

The healing ceremonies I offer are very relaxing, and work on a very deep level which  helps the client  gently shift and release physical and emotional pain, blockages, repetitive behavior patterns that are outdated  and  repetitive thoughts. This form of healing is also know as Soul Medicine or Soul Healing.

During the healing sessions, I involve the client through breathing, relaxation of the muscles and mind, and guide the client through their own inner healing work
In each Healing session I use relaxation and de stressing techniques, breath work combined with hypnotherapy techniques to get the client into a trance state so as to deepen the healing and get through to the unconscious or spiritual level . At this level I can help the client to remove any trapped emotions, other peoples negativity that act as obstacles and blockages and so help cause the shifts necessary to bring about the changes, empowerment and direction in the clients life.

I offer one to one healing sessions, group sessions and offer Distance or Remote Shamanic Healing, Distance Psychopomp work, Distance Readings and Distance Space Cleansing and Blessings, for those not able to come to me or for those who live in another part of the world. This works just as effectively as an in person ceremony.
I can also offer healings , guided journeying and spiritual counseling through skype calls.

People are guided towards me as they

-Feel stuck or stagnant in their lives.
-Feel unable to make decisions
-need help with which direction to go in.
-need energy and release of ties of outdated  relationships.
-feel "not all there." not feeling complete or whole.
-require help in lessening pain and for pain management.
-Physical symptoms such as, IBS, M.E, Depression, anxiety, insomnia.
-need cleansing, purification, balance and energising.
-want to open up and develop their spiritual gifts.
-have spiritually awakened and are looking for guidance and mentoring.
-feel that past lives or ancestors are blocking their present life,
-feel cursed or hexed .

I now also offer skype, email, facebook sessions so that i can with you wherever  you are in the world.

All treatments and healing ceremonies allow a FREE consultation both before and after the treatment- so as to allow feedback from me and to allow the client time to process what is going to happen and what has happened.

Please check out my other website for further details on shamanic healing 

I offer Healing ceremonies and stress relief/relaxation sessions in;

 Holistic crystal therapy -(or Crystal Healing) is a type of energy healing where various crystals are placed on or around the body, to bring about deep relaxation and promote inner balance. Crystals and minerals are powerful and effective tools for healing as they each have their own unique structure and vibration, which gives them the ability to affect our electromagnetic energy fields. The energetic qualities of crystals range from being very gentle to very powerful.
Crystals help us to re balance ourselves and get back to our natural state of being. A crystal treatment leaves a client feeling relaxed, lighter, in less pain, energised and more focused.

In this ceremony the participant will drink a beautiful Cacao elixir. Cacao is an ancient and wonderful plant medicine which surrounds the heart and helps the participant to let go and surrender to its blissful and energising medicine.It isnt ike other plant spirit medicines which push a participan, it is more of an invitatation to open and heal.
This ceremony will then continue into a Shamanic Healing Ceremony, a Trance Dance Ceremony, or an Inner Dance Ceremony

Indian Head Massage - Massage of face, scalp, neck , arms and top of the back

Hopi Ear Candle Treatment - Ancient practice of using hollow linen and beeswax candles to help draw out excessive ear wax and relieve sinus problems.

Animal and Pet Spiritual healing

I offer in person and distance healing ceremonies, therapies and courses including, shamanic Healing techniques, Reiki, Sekhem , Sekhem Heka and run a local shamanic circle.

I also offer distance healing and distance attunements and courses.The distance healing is just as effective as being in person with me.

The treatments and healing I offer can help with physical illness, aces and pains , emotional imbalances, traumas and upsets, They all help with relieving and managing the ongoing stresses and tensions of modern life.

exciting news...I can now say..teresa lewis shaman from Leicester appeared on BBC radio 4 talking about the healing power of trees....

Inner Dance- a set of four Inner dance workshops..four because four is a sacred number to honour the four directions...Inner Dance is a techhnique that involves the participants to lie down, open up and to trust:to trust themselves, to trust their own inne spirit and to trust that through opening up to the process of the inner dance, changes will be experienced that will create changes outwardly in the participants life. By commiting to a series of wokshops the participant can see and feel more clearly the shifts, and build on those shifts each time releasing more and letting go more.please contact me for details.

Workshop with  tom, a very experienced Inner Dance Facilitator from london https://www.perceptionarchitecture.com/ . and dawn DancingAngel in littlethorpe thursday 20th april 6 pm-9pm..please contact me for more details.

next workshops in my group space is sunday 30th april where will work with the spirit of inner dance and cacao ...investment £25
 and fri 28th april ....inner dance workshop...investment of £20.

Leicester shamanic circle                                

I am excited to announce that LSC has now been going for over 4 years!
I run a monthly spiritual development group that will have a shamanic emphasis-we meet on the first Tuesday of the month, 630-9, in the LE3 area of Leicester and will be open to those who want to learn more about shamanism and develop themselves spiritually in a friendly and supportive environment- together we will drum, rattle, journey , chant and dance, while also developing our sense of spirit, energy, healing and self understanding...please contact me for more details

for more on shamanic healing please see my other site- 

for more information about the kinds of work and courses I offer please visit my blog

I am a member of  T he Society For Shamanic Practitioners, the world metaphysical association , British School of Yoga and VTCT


D.P Leicester
 "Thank you Teresa Lewis for a magical session, you are blessed and blessed are all those you see and touch"

 "She truly is an amazing healer xx"

    "I would recommend Teresa as a therapist having received numerous treatments over the past 3 years.I keep going back because for me its the shamanically informed nature of the treatment that makes all the difference."

L . Orell from Sweden:

"Thank you Teresa, your healing gifts shifted my energy and raised my vibration, helped me with karmic issues and gave me so many new insights so to put together a few puzzle pieces of my life. Your work is true gift to humanity. Bless you!"




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