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This Tree Spirit medicine course introduces the idea that trees are living conscious beings, that can influence a persons energy and help them to heal.

This course will help you to learn how to link in to a trees energy and ask it for help. Trees are amazing organisms, they are the largest growing and oldest thing on this planet.

with out trees we wouldn't exist, they give us the oxygen to breath, they stop soil erosion, they clean up our polluted air and since man began they have given us shelter, then later materials to keep us warm and to cook with.

Trees are our allies and friends whether we notice and appreciate this or not.

Trees are living, growing, breathing organisms.

There are approximately 100 000 species of tree worldwide, yet most people walk past them everyday not noticing them, or being able to identify them.

By watching trees in our area, we can tell what time of year it is, when winter is near the trees loose their leaves and show us it is a time to prepare for the cold and harsh months ahead.They also start to bud and blossom, showing us that the cold months are nearly over and that spring has arrive.

From their blossom we know they will give us berries, fruit and nuts to help sustain both us and the wildlife that lives on and and around them. 

Again in autumn they provide larger fruit such of apples and pears, which we can preserve to see us through the cold bare winter months- from which we can also make juices and alcohol with.

Trees however are so much more than this- the gifts and energies they want to share with us are infinite-through listening to them and spending time with them, we can learn all kinds of realisations about ourselves, others and our environment and the creatures we share it with.

For this however we need to learn how to listen and observe them and be with them again.

This is why i have put together this tree energy course- to enable you to remember these skills we once had, and to open your eyes to the healing and knowledge that the trees are waiting to share with us.At this time of global destruction they are crying out for us to recognise them and to work with them again.

Distance learning Tree Spirit Medicine course...£390 (13x£30)

This course is divided into 13 modules- and you will receive one module a month for 13 months.

The course will include:

-Each module will have an in depth look at 1 British Native tree-

-Tree identification

-The history of the British countryside

-Learning about the energy of trees, how to sense it, how to work with it.

-How to stand still and truly listen to nature and what it has to tell us.

-An introduction to guided visualizations and journey work

-Finding your nature spirit allys, building up a relationships with them and finding out how they can guide you and aid with your own healing.

-learning about the green man of the woods and how to meet and work with him.

-learning about the Lady of the woods and how to meet and work with her.

-To learn how to work both in person with the tree spirit or remotely.

-Learning about making tree essences, oils and balms.

-Learning the physical and energetic healing properties of each native tree.

-learn the mythology and the magical uses of each tree.

- work with the energy of the tree for a month to really get to know it.

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