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(salvia apiana)

This herb is very sacred to the North Americans. White Sage is used as part of a ceremony, for purification, cleansing and healing.

This sacred herb helps to clear negative energies from a space, object or person and helps to draw in positive energies instead.

Great to use to cleanse a healing room before a client and then after to disperse any energies that have been left.

Good for healers or therapists to use on themselves to rid themselves of psychic debris from clients after any treatments.

Also a great herb to work with when preparing a space for use in ceremony.

Sage can also be burnt as an offering to your spirit guides.

1 oz £5 plus p & p


 Yerba Santa

(Eriodictyon californicus)

Translated from spanish it means "Sacred Herb." or "Holy Herb"

This herb is used traditionally for healing for respiratory problems, including those affecting the lungs, the throat and astma.

This herb is used in smudging ceremonies to help drive out negative influences and energies which cause disease and to then offers protection against such energies.

1/2 oz £2.50 plus p&p

NEW NEW NEW....shamanic journeying cds

I have recorded two cds- One with instruction for journeying to the lower world , and the other with instruction to the upper world.

Each cd has a 20 mins instructed journeying with drumming and a 20 mins drumming only for those more experienced in journey work

each cd is £8


By using this type of "medicine" you are working directly with the spirit of the plants and are inviting the the plant spirit to work with you in aiding healing on all levels.

When using the word "medicine"- i am not referring to a pill or tincture to make you physically better- i am referring to the energy that is the plant is made from, that which flows through us and everything around us.


All tree and flower spirit essences are sold either as essences, aura sprays, wax balms or oils.They come with a print out of the spiritual , emotional, mental and healing qualities of each item and with direction of how to use it.

10ml flower and tree spirit essences -£4

10ml spirit oils- £5

30ml spirit mist sprays -£8

30g beeswax balms-£6

plus postage- which will differ depending on where you live


Bluebell Flower Spirit essence-this essence helps us to open our heart .If there are any blocks we have to do with issues of the heart, whether towards ourselves or in our relationships with others this essence will help us to become aware of them and help us remove them.This essence can be used directly on the tongue (2 drops)or by adding 6 drops to a bath.

comes in a 10ml bottle £4, 30ml aura spray £8 or a beeswax balm 30g jar £6 -


Lilac Spirit aura mist-This essence helps us to work with all issues concerning our base chakra-these are issues concerning, safety , money, our jobs, our house.Also it helps to overcome any sexual problems we may have.

Forget-me-not spirit essence-This essence helps us to heal and balance all aspects of the throat chakra. It helps us to realise and understand what is causing the blockages, and imbalances of energy and also gives us the energy we need to manifest those changes in our lives to re-balance it.It helps us to realise our need for creativity and will help to bring those opportunities to us . Working with this flower spirit will also help with any unspoken needs and feelings we have- it gives us the strength and encouragement to voice them and to deal with the actions that arise because of it.Physically this essence will help to restore our throats and voice to balance and well being and so will give us energy to heal soar throats and infections quicker.




-helps us with new starts that we may need and helps us to overcome difficulties we have surrounding this.It helps us to think more flexibly, so as we can see the bigger picture rather then centring on the small details of a situation.

Rowan Essence

This tree has always been seen as a tree that helps with any protection we may need, either spiritually, emotionally, mentally and psychically.This essence will help you to listen and take note of your intuition when it is speaking and give you strength to act on it.

please contact me if there are any products you would like me to make for you .

I will be offering a re-cycling service with the jars you use and so will discount people if they send their bottles back for re-fill, and will be selling a re-fill bag of incense for your jars.

This helps to save you money and to help save the planet as well.

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