Healing Tree Therapies - Ancient Healing  And Relaxation Arts


I have set up a new shamanic circle in Leicester. This group meets monthly on a tuesday evening .
This group is open to anyone interested in shamanism, those with no experience and those who have years. My hope is that we will learn  from each other , and spiritually develop and heal ourselves together.
the meetings will include
- learning how to shamanic journey
-working and developing a closer relationship with our guides and allies.
- become aware of the medicine wheel and our yearly journey around it.
-learn how trees and plants spirits can help us and heal us
-dancing, chanting, singing, playing.
- drumming,rattling,percussion.

please bring to the group a cushion , blanket and drum/rattle/instrument.Also anything you would like to put onto the alter.

Meeting dates

Tuesday FEB 5TH

i have set up a facebook group- so if you're on facebook please contact me to join.

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